16 Channel Ethernet GPIO Module With Analog Inputs

Numato’s 16 Channel Ethernet GPIO module is low cost easily deployable solution for connecting your PC to other electronic circuitry through network. This GPIO module can be accessed through a simple web interface or Telnet. Ease of use and wider operating system compatibility are the primary goals behind this product’s design. This simplicity allows use of off-the-shelf Terminal Emulation programs such as HyperTerminal and TeraTerm for controlling the module with a simple set of human readable commands through Telnet or through easy to use Web interface. For power users, this module can be controlled by writing programs in various programming languages.


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  • 16 TTL (3.3V) compatible GPIOs available
  • All GPIOs can be individually configured as input or output
  • Can be controlled by using simple web interface or Telnet
  • No TCP/IP protocol knowledge required
  • 10 Analog input channels (Multiplexed with GPIOs)
  • 10 Bit Analog input resolution
  • 2,25ma Source/Sink capacity(depend on the IOs).
  • Microcontroller: Microchip PIC18F97J60(1-Mbit Flash Microcontroller with 10Mbps Ethernet communication peripheral).
  • Memory: Microchip 25LC1024 serial EEPROM provides 1024 Kbits of storage for both web pages and nonvolatile configuration.
  • MAC Address: Separate Serial EEPROM(24AA02E48) with Globally Unique value used as MAC Address for the device.
  • Reset Jumper: Resets the board to factory defaults.
  • Password protected Web console and Telnet communication interface.
  • LED indication for Power.