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Arduino Uno

PRICE - Rs 650

      Arduino Atmega328 is Arduino compatible Board. It is a cost effective alternative for the official Arduino board and is compatible with Arduino compatible shields, tools and the Arduino IDE.  
Arduino is an open source development platform, meaning free access of all the design files. Users may use these freely available design files, which include board schematics, PCB Files, codes, etc in their projects and can make suitable modifications as their application may require. Large Arduino user base ensures availability of excellent technical assistance, codes, library files etc.; greatly reducing development time and increasing learning experience. 

Another great feature of the Arduino is its modularity approach. There is a wide range of addon boards, called Shields, which plug onto an Arduino and help you achieve a specific purpose, greatly simplifying the whole development process. For example, an Arduino motor shield can plug onto an Arduino and help you control motors directly through the main board. There are a wide range of such shields including GSM/GPS shields, Robotics shields, Ethernet Shields, Bluetooth shields and even prototyping shields. Freeduino USB is completely compatible with all Arduino compatible shields. (Please go through the Manual for differences between an Arduino and a Freeduino USB)

Freeduino USB can be programmed directly through a USB connection to a PC through the Arduino IDE, which is a simple and easy to use program development environment for writing, compiling and uploading codes. 

Freeduino USB offers onboard 5V and 3V3 voltage regulators and provides an empty hole next to each IO and power pin header for easy expansion.
Compatible with all Arduino compatible shields and the Arduino IDE
Comes with an Atmega8 with a preburnt Arduino bootloader
Has a standard 6x1 AVR ISP Header
All I/O pins connected by a female header, perfect for prototyping
Completely open source, which means all circuits, board files, softwares, code, etcs are available for free


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