Doplhin labs

Fun With Electronics

Fun with Electronics


Hands on Projects :


ˇ        Flashing LED

ˇ        Touch Plate Sensor

ˇ        Water Level Indicator

ˇ        Door bell

ˇ        Light Sensor

ˇ        Zig-zag Lighting

ˇ        Electronic Screamer

ˇ        Steady Hand Game

ˇ        Electronic Organ

ˇ        Cupboard Timer

ˇ        Plant Watering Reminder

ˇ        Running LED

ˇ        Touch Switch

ˇ        Electronic Screamer

ˇ        Machine  Gun Sound Generator

ˇ        Ticking Bomb

ˇ        UP/Down Fading LED

ˇ         Smart Post Box

Take home kit

     Resistors ,capacitors, LEDs, LDR,IC 555, IC UM66,Transistors , Push button switches,  Speaker, Battery  with Snipper, Breadboard, Connecting Wires, Instructional manual.


Duration : Five Days


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